Solar Street Light

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Quick Overview

It is a Solar Street Lights. Solar powered automatic street light controller is an efficient device which regulated the street light working.It also can be used for safety purpose.It automatically illuminates at dusk at 33% brightness and reverts to 100% brightness when motion is detected.Wireless remote has three control mode;can be full bright light,dim light or dim to bright light when there is a movement.



Categories : Solar



  • Lumen (Lm) :720Lm Min – 2000Lm Max 
  • Solar panel max power: 12v/30w <High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cell>
  • Battery type: 25.6v Lithium Battery (Can use about 2-3 years or can charge 1000 times.)
  • LED power : 12V 30W
  • LED life Time:50000hr
  • Viewing angle :120
  • Over charge/discharge protection
  • System warranty period :1 year
  • Solar modules life time :25 year
  • Backup energy. 3 days


  • Parking lot
  • Perimeter security
  • Street lighting
  • Security light
  • Highway,roadway lighting
  • Residential,industrial,commerc ial lighting
  • Hospitals
  • Airport lighting
  • Bridge lighting,under pass lighting
  • Military security lighting


  • Easy installation no wiring required.
  • Relocating can do by own no more waiting for the utility company.
  • Proven technology.Vandal and theft -resistant components and hardware,All parts are corrosion resistant.
  • Low installation cost or DIY
  • NO wiring run from the grid.
  • NO cuts through existing roads,sidewalks or landscaping.
  • NO maintenance.
  • NO utility bill.
  • Batteries long life-maintenance free.
  • Intelligent control,safety and stability.
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