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ASIA I.T COMPONENT is an online retailer of laptop batteries, notebook batteries, and netbook batteries and A/C adapters. Our goal is to deliver the highest capacity battery at a great price, while providing an efficient and secure shopping experience.

We carry a full line of products with 100% compatible batteries and adapters for all major brands including: Acer, Apple, Dell, Gateway, HP, Compaq, IBM, Samsung, Fujitsu,Toshiba and Sony.


While you primarily use keyboards for typing and while a $10 keyboard will type just fine they can do so much more. A nicer keyboard gives you extra buttons for quick media control, volume control, or even app launching, and if you experience any RSI, a new keyboard can help eliminate that by forcing you to use good posture. When you’re ready to bite the bullet and pick up a new keyboard, here are some things to watch out for.

So we offer many brands and variety models of keyboards.
We will be your good choice.

AC Adapter


Determine output voltage and current type required. Determine whether you need a regulated or unregulated adapter. Determine the plug’s style, shape, and polarity. Determine your device’s current draw. Is it USB? So check it out and inquire. We serve better. We will be your good choice.